Transport Ministry : Aden airport closure further rises aggravation humanitarian situation in Yemen

January 30, 2018

The Ministry of Transport has stressed the need to open Sana'a International Airport before passengers, patients and disabled people.

The Ministry's appeal came after the closure of Aden International Airport due to the ongoing current events and the deterioration of the security situation in Aden province.

The unfortunate events in the city of Aden are threatening the security and safety of civil aviation, the Transport Minister told Saba on Sunday.

The Minister al-Shami said that hundreds of stranded Yemenis in international airports scheduled to arrive in the country; moreover, hundreds of patients stranded at Aden International Airport require their cases to travel abroad for treatment.

Al-Shami stressed that the closure of Aden International Airport before civilians and humanitarian flights further exacerbates the humanitarian situation in Yemen, especially since the Sanaa International Airport has been closed by the aggression coalition for more than a year and a half.

The minister added that Sana'a International Airport is the first gate to Yemen.

' It is a must to neutralize the humanitarian situation and comply fully with international humanitarian law and non-interference in basic humanitarian work,' he said.

The minister said that Sana'a International Airport is ready to receive all civil flights in accordance with international standards and procedures issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).