Hot Stuff: 4 pieces to glam up your travels

April 4, 2018
Comfortable and stylish pieces that will keep you looking good on your journey

When it comes to travel, gone are the days when people used to dress up to the nines. These days it’s all about comfort, but that doesn’t mean that style has to suffer as well. Airport style has picked back up again, when people realised that looking polished could land them an upgrade.

Here are comfortable and stylish pieces that will keep you looking good on your journey.

1. A comfy scarf

You can never depend on aeroplanes to have blankets all the time, so scarves are a must have on board. This one in particular is super special, because it’s a quilted scarf, which basically will be your cosy cover for the entire flight. The scarf also has a very quaint English style pattern, which adds an air of elegance to it.

Dh169 from Mango

2. Joggers that don’t look like joggers

When travelling, the trousers you wear should allow for easy movement. Whether you want to stretch your legs or lie down on empty seats, what you wear should be comfortable, with a stretchy waist band. One does tend to bloat on aeroplanes after all.

Dh129 from Gap

3. A spacious travel friendly tote

This edgy tote bag is perfect for travel. Big enough to fit all your important things: books, headphones, iPad, passport and more. It’s made from leather-like material with cut-outs in the shape of planes to show your love of travel. The colour pops and stands out against your simple outfit.

Dh165 from the Emirates Store

4. Comfy shoes

Don’t bother wearing high heels. You can still look polished and put together in sneakers. Whenever I fly, I make sure to wear shoes that allow for socks underneath. I obviously get very cold on aeroplanes. These Nike Air Max 180 women’s sneakers are super retro, but still very cool and relevant. These particular ones throw back to 1991. It features the 180-degree Max Air cushioning, great for speed walking to your gate if you’re running late.

Dh669 from Amongst Few