UK minister signs cooperation deal with Saudi GACA

April 14, 2018
MoU will increase collaboration between GACA and the UK Department of Transport to develop Saudi-British cooperation in the field of civil aviation.

The British Minister for Transport Chris Grayling, who will assess the status of Saudi Vision 2030 at the forum’s opening session, was on a four-day visit to the Kingdom, this week, when he visited key major players in the transportation sector in the Saudi market, in order to strengthen Saudi-British collaboration in the transport industries.

During his visit, Grayling met high ranking officials from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), Saudia airlines, flyadeal, Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA), Metro Jeddah Company and the Haramain high-speed railway.

On Monday, Grayling signed a memorandum of cooperation with the President of GACA Abdul-Hakim Al-Tamimi. The memorandum will increase collaboration between GACA and the UK Department of Transport to develop Saudi-British cooperation in the field of civil aviation.

After the signing of the memorandum, Grayling told Saudi Gazette: “It's all about extending the cooperation, sharing expertise, sharing knowledge about how to make privatization and PPP (Public-private partnership) work.”

On Tuesday, the British Consulate General in Jeddah held a reception meeting for Grayling, where he meet local CEOs and distinguished dignitaries from the transport industry.


During the meeting, Grayling noted: ”This trip has two goals, the first is I am the first British minister to visit after the very successful visit by the Crown Prince to London and part of our objective following that visit is to really continue strengthening the relations with the Kingdom.”

Grayling added: “Number of British ministers will be coming and visiting in the upcoming months, and for me it's about sending a very clear sign that the United Kingdom is here as a friend, as a partner. We very much support what's happening in the Kingdom at the moment.

“The other point with the transport revolution that is happening here, I think we have expertise both in government and in the private sector that can help a city like Jeddah really maximize what is a very bold vision. Saudi Vision 2030 is a bold vision for Saudi Arabia, actually, the vision for the Jeddah metro is a very bold vision for transport as well.”

Grayling also had a visit to the exhibition of Jaguar and Landrover, to see up close how Saudi women feel about this new royal decree, which will allow them to drive soon. Grayling noted: “I think it's a really important moment for the country and as a minister of a foreign country that is a close friend to Saudi Arabia and wants to help support this process of transition that is absolutely right, I celebrate what is going to be such an important change for Saudi society.

“I think many people around the world will be delighted to hear that this has finally happened. It's great to see the leadership here in Saudi Arabia driving a process of change that we think is absolutely right for the country which we strongly support.”