Telecommunications Minister discusses destructive projects carried out Hadi government

July 12, 2018

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Moaffer Abdullah Al-Numeir discussed on Wednesday with the National Committee for the Defense of Communications Services headed by, Mohammed Al-thahbani, the repercussions of the destructive projects carried out by the exiled Hadi government that affect the infrastructure of the telecommunications sector.

In the meeting, Al- Numeir praised the efforts of the National Committee in the defense of telecommunications services to confront the conspiracy against this sector.

Al- Numeir stressed on the importance of communicating with the world to uncover the conspiracy of aggression to destroy the telecommunications sector and to use the legal aspect and to make a political, economic and humanitarian vision for the dimensions that the aggression aims to undermine the telecommunications sector through imaginary projects in Aden.

In his part, Al-thahbani said that the committee's efforts seek to defend telecommunications services, mobilize community efforts, communicate with civil society organizations and hold meetings with relevant authorities to clarify the conspiracy against the telecommunications sector.

Al-thahbani added that the committee is working to send letters to the United Nations, international organizations and the European Union to convey the voice of the Yemeni civil society, which refuses destroying the telecommunications sector and the targeting of its infrastructure as well as its rejection of projects affecting national sovereignty.