President, minister discusses telecommunication five-year plan

July 25, 2018

President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday discussed with Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mosfir al-Numair, the telecommunication sector's five-year plan.

In the meeting, the president stressed that the ministry's five-year plan should be in harmony with the plans of the General Telecommunications Corporation and its subsidiaries.

The president emphasized that the outputs of the five-year plan should include the implementation of projects to keep pace with technological developments in the telecommunication sector to present distinct services to citizens in different provinces.

The meeting touched on the aspects related to the reforms in the corporation, the re-launch of frozen projects since 2014 and before, and the efforts exerted to combat the smuggling of international calls, which caused large losses to the national economy.

It also dealt with the procedures taken in the telecommunications sector by the occupation-appointed government in Aden and the consequent risks and threats to the sovereignty and security of the Republic of Yemen.