Transport Minister: Interception of ICRC plane by coalition is air piracy

July 26, 2018

Minister of Transport, Zakaria al-Shami on Wednesday said that the interception of the plane of International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on Tuesday by Saudi-led aggression coalition and enforcing it to land in Jizan Airport is an air piracy.

At a press conference held in Sanaa, al-Shami noted that this air piracy is not the first, but it has been preceded by intercepting NSF2 plane of MSF and other relief planes and forcing them to head to Jizan airport.

'It is no strange that the coalition aggression forces have done such acts,' said al-Shami.

Who has killed children and women by his airstrikes he can also breach international laws and practice the air piracy against the UN relief planes, he added.

The minister affirmed that such acts and terrorist practices of the coalition forces aimed to prevent the arrival of relief and humanitarian planes to Sanaa International Airport.

The ICRC plane was disappeared from air radars two hours after it took off from Sanaa airport on Tuesday, heading for Djibouti.

According to a Yemeni security official, the plane was forced to change its destination when two warplanes of the coalition intercepted it and forced it to change its direction to unknown place.