Agriculture minister inspects workflow in Damar's Agricutural Export Development Center

November 7, 2018

DHAMAR, 6 Nov. (Saba) - Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Eng. Abdulmalik Al-Thawr and the Secretary General of the Local Council of Dhamar province,, Mujahid Al-Ansy, inspected on Tuesday the Agricultural Exports Development Center belonging to Ans' Agricultural Cooperative Society and the Agricultural Cooperative Union.

During the visit, the minister heard an explication on the workflow in the center which contains the central cooling stores and the central market for vegetables, fruits and meat with a storage capacity of 1500 tons.

He pointed out that the center was established with the aim of developing agricultural exports, marketing agricultural products internally and externally, serving farmers, producers and marketers as well as consumers, reducing the damage of products and making them available throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture inspected workflow in Public Corporation for Improved Seed enhancement , where he was briefed on the efforts made to provide farmers with improved seeds of high productivity that are suitable for different agricultural environments.

During the visit, he heard from Director of the corporation, Eng. Abdullah Al-Wadai, to an explication on the activities of the corporation and the efforts made to meet the needs of farmers of improved seeds.

He reviewed the challenges faced by the corporation in the aspects of maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, the need for agricultural equipment.

He added that the corporation aims to expand the cultivation of grain through contracting with farmers or through multiplication in the fields and farms of the corporation.

During the visit, Minister Al-Thawr briefed on the activity of the quality laboratory in the corporation and the research experiments carried out by the specialists in the tests of germination level of wheat varieties and agricultural seeds.

He also inspected the work of the screening unit at the corporation and the preparations for the summer season harvest..

During the visit, the Minister praised the efforts of the corporation and its role in meeting the needs of farmers of improved seeds.
He called for expanding production stressing on the importance of providing seeds of high-productivity varieties.