Bonding' with the DBS Superleggera

January 27, 2019

Much like James Bond movie writers must struggle to resist overloading the script with cheap puns given the source material they have to work with, it is practically impossible to review an Aston Martin without mentioning the fictional British spy resulting from the character's 60-year association with the brand. Even when driving one of the models, the temptation to hum the theme tune is often too potent to ignore. To do so in the DBS Superleggera, however, may not be entirely legitimate. We don't think this particular AM would be something 007 would drive. 'Shocking, positively shocking,' we hear you cry in your best Sean Connery impression. Actually it isn't. Here's why.

Stately verses sporty

While you could never accuse Bond of settling for a subtle Aston, the secret agent has never raced to Monte Carlo in a vehicle quite like the DBS Superleggera. It is a true bona fide hyper car. Combining two legendary automotive brands: Aston Martin's DBS, with the Italian coach worker Touring's famous mark - Superleggera (translation: 'Super Light') - this model looks just about ready to, and almost does, fly. A 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 creates 715hp with 900Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 340km/h and can do 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds. We just think this car is more Nurburgring than Never Say Never Again and that's a good thing!

But it's an Aston inside?

Oh yeah, you can't escape that pristine, luxurious feel. No matter how designers choose to embellish the exterior and tune the engine to gear it towards performance, when you're cocooned in materials including leather and carbon fibre - so fine they make your house look like a hovel - you couldn't mistake it for any other marque. The only element we miss is the slot where you used to insert the chunky ignition key. Now you just keep it in your pocket and press a switch like every other car on the road.

What's it like to drive?

What do you think? Not only do you have a massive engine churning out insane power up front, you're low to the ground and in a specially-constructed light-weight frame. The result is motoring perfection. A roar followed by a delicious rumble greets every start-button depress; then select the 'drive' option from up on the central column, put your foot down and feel the is magnetic. As the speedometer needle frantically climbs, the automatic gearbox intuitively shifts up at just the correct time, letting off a higher-pitched scream than usual. You know when starships jump into light speed in sci-fi movies? In short, it's a bit like that. Being planted on the road and in a quality built car, you can approach most corners at speed with confidence knowing you're going to be okay and come out of it just as rapidly. It's beautiful.

Can you use it every day?

If we had one, we would. Obviously not practical for those anchored down by, sorry, 'blessed' with a family, a singleton or couple could use this as often as a run-of-the-mill saloon. There are no real back seats, but the boot space makes up for it and you'll get used to the drive and the car's force in minutes no matter how experienced a driver you may be. If you are able to peruse this price bracket, you'd be silly not to take a look at the DBS Superleggera even if and perhaps especially because James Bond wouldn't.


Engine: 5.2-litre V12

Power: 715hp

Top speed: 340km/h

0-100km/h: 3.4 secs