Parliament reviews report over mechanism of buying, distributing, selling domestic gas

March 4, 2019

SANAA, March 3 (Saba) - The Parliament on Saturday has continued to hold its meetings for the first period of the first half-year for the 14th annual session under the chairmanship of its Speaker, Yahya Al-Ra'i, in the presence of Minister of State for Parliamentary and Shura Council Affairs Dr. Ali Abdullah Abu Hleika.

In this session, the parliament reviewed the report of the Special Committee entrusted with the study and evaluation of the mechanism and procedures followed in the purchase, distribution and sale of domestic gas and ways of dealing with the imbalances that accompanied the implementation of this mechanism.

In its report, the Committee referred to the introduction and inquiries of the Committee and the explanations of the Yemen Gas Company, as well as to clarifications and statements submitted by other relevant parties on the mechanism of providing, distributing and selling domestic gas.

The Committee addressed its observations and conclusions in the light of its discussions with various stakeholders on the subject of this report.

The Parliamentary Committee proposed to the Parliament a number of recommendations to be directed to the Government to comply with them to continue to provide the gas material and mechanism of distribution.

It stressed the need to provide new gas cylinders instead of damaged cylinders and the need to pay attention to the weights specified in each cylinder.

It had started its session by reviewing the minutes of its previous meeting and approved it, and will continue its work on Sunday morning, God willing.