Information Minister, Dhalea Governor inspect progress of service projects in Dhalea's Juban

April 11, 2019

DHALEA April 10 (Saba) - Minister of Information, Daifallah al-Shami, together with the governor of Dalea Haneen al-Dareeb on Tuesday inspected the workflow in a number of service projects in Juban district of Dhalea.

During their visit to the projects' sites, they were briefed on the progress of projects of paving the secondary streets of the historic city, as well as sewage network.

They listened to an explanation on the level of achievement in these service projects, especially with regard to the rehabilitation of the sewage network.

The Minister of Information and the Governor of Dhalea visited a number of ancient mosques in the ancient city of Juban, and heard from the officials of the endowments and guidance sector a brief on the needs of the historic mosques in the city of the possibilities for the necessary maintenance, especially with the coming of the month of Ramadan.

The minister and the governor also visited the Amriya school in Juban, which is considered a historical landmark.

The Minister of Information stressed the importance of preserving this historic landmark, especially as the city is considered to be one of the world heritage sites because of the architecture of an Islamic character that it enjoys.

He pointed out the importance of Juban and its richness in term of castles and archaeological places, that show the depth of Yemeni civilization rooted in the depths of history.

He stressed the need for attention of the concerned parties to continue maintenance and restoration of historical and archaeological sites.