PM inaugurates exhibition for community college students in Sana'al

April 28, 2019

SANAA, April 27 (Saba) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor opened Saturday the third annual exhibition of the graduation projects, inventions and innovations of Community College students in Sana'a.

The three-day exhibition is held by the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, in cooperation with the student forum at the House of Culture in Sanaa.

While he toured the exhibition,Prime Minister listened to a brief on the innovations and inventions by students and about the list and quality of projects participating in the third exhibition, specifically in the departments of computer engineering, medical equipment engineering and HVAC.

He also listened to an explanation on some of the innovations of the students of the sections of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences in the departments of graphic design and media, and information technology, as well as the design and fashion projects and those concerning Department of Higher Technical Education, exactly at the sections of Communications and Information Systems and electromechanics.

At the ceremony of inauguration, Prime Minister praised the efforts of the Ministry of Technical Education and its affiliated institutions to organize the scientific and creative quality of this event, which embodies through the exhibition the abilities of young creative.

He described the creative works of students, which he saw, as distinguished and honorable.

Dr. Bin Habtoor expressed his satisfaction with the quality work he saw at the exhibition today.