Kahramaa’s new projects ensure enhanced customer services

July 8, 2019

Doha: Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has adopted a multi-dimensional and multi-layered approach to enhance its services and service channels for all segments of customers.

“We have implemented multiple planned and ongoing customer centric initiatives in a bid to serve the customers in an excellent way,” Eng. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Emadi, Manager of Planning and Quality Department of Kahramaa told The Peninsula in an exclusive interview.

He said that the corporation diligently reaches out to its customers, to seek their feedback, and monitors their satisfaction levels through inclusive survey programmes.

“As a major step forward in its ongoing Smart KM initiative, Kahramaa is about to embark on a new project to roll-out a new customer relationship management (CRM) and billing system, that shall uphold, and be aligned with, our target business model which is conceived around a process-based architecture,” said Al Emadi.

He said that the new initiative will speed up delivering services to its customers, by reducing the processing time through adoption of the most streamlined processes while enforcing minimal human intervention, consistent with international best practices.

However, he said most of Kahramaa’s current services are already available through its online portals. Once the new system is implemented, it will further enable and empower customers to submit and follow up all their requests online.

Al Emadi said that it will also provide Kahramaa with an end-to-end integrated back-engine to process all customer requests, make the processing of customer requests automatic, and will drastically reduce human intervention in processing of requests.

“We have existing survey programmes to holistically assess customer satisfaction levels. Such programmes take into cognisance all customer segments, including our residential, commercial, bulk, property owners, all services offered by Kahramaa, and also all channels of service provision,” he added.

He said that Kahramaa commissions reputed third party Customer Insight Consultancy Services to ensure a comprehensive and objective survey with zero bias in the assessment of customer satisfaction levels.

“Going forward, we also intend to expand our feedback channels to conduct transaction-based survey. Needless to say, customers are enabled to actively provide us with their feedback anytime — through our customer service centres, call centre, website or Kahramaa’s mobile application, or even through our social media interfaces,” said Al Emadi.

He said that there are functional and technical teams behind the screens, who receive and process all feedback thus received, or channel it to the appropriate internal teams, for short or long term solutions and improvements.

“In terms of the survey results, we have made significant strides in the recent years, which is determined to be a result of our unwavering focus on process streamlining, integration, automation and continual enhancement of the service channels,” he added.

“In case there is a complaint, we strictly follow our Customer Complaint Handling Procedure. This procedure describes how we shall receive, record, validate, investigate and take necessary action(s) to rectify the problem and prevent it from happening again.”

“After implementation, we verify the effectiveness of action(s) taken and communicate with the complainant about our actions and make sure that he/she is satisfied before we close the case.”

Al Emadi said that Kahramaa has a well-established Corporate Performance Management System (CPMS), which is based on Balance Scorecard Standard.

“Performance is tracked by key performance indictors at various levels in the organisation. The performance is constantly monitored and reviewed by higher management. Apart from that, periodic corporate performance reports are produced and issued periodically,” he added.