Telecmmuncation, TeleYemen issuesl statement

January 25, 2020

SANAA, Jan. 24 (Saba) – Fourth: We value the exceptional efforts of the technical teams of the Public Telecommunications Corporation and TeleYemen, and continuous work around the clock to secure the maximum options and technical alternatives in order to alleviate the suffering and the impact resulting from the interruption, and its success to provide temporary Internet capacities and developing local content of the Internet, and we urge it to double its efforts to operate the Internet at the possible level, and to follow up GCX company that owns the marine cable Falcon quickly to finish the repair process and return the service to normal.

Fifth: The National Organization for Defending Telecommunications and Post Services calls on civil society organizations ,all Yemeni society classes, and various media to enhance the level of awareness and understanding the facts and not responding to the calls of incitement or being dragged to some media that used to falsify facts, promote allegations and invest the suffering of Yemenis and their crises to serve the open interests targeting Yemen , its security and stability
Issued by the National Organization for Defending Telecommunications and Post Services
Sana'a - Monday - January 20

CC to :
- President of the Supreme Political Council
- Members of the Supreme Political Council
- Speaker of the House of Representatives
- Transportation and Communications Committee at the Parliament
- Prime Minister
- Chairman of the Shura Council
- Members of the National Salvation Government.
- Minister of Communications and Information Technology
- UN envoy to Yemen.
- The Humanitarian Coordinator
- The International Telecommunication Union
- Public Telecom Corporation
- TeleYemen International Telecommunication Company.


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