Industry office in Hajjah seizes more than one million riyals of illegal currency

February 9, 2020

HAJJAH, Feb. 8 (Saba) - The Bureau of Industry and Commerce in Hajjah province on Saturday seized 1.7 million riyals of illegal currency in Yemen's in Aflah district.

The branch of the office in the directorate received a report from a citizen about the presence of illegal currency in a black market trader who was using it in the smuggling and sale of diesel, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Industry and Trade Mahmoud Wahban told Saba.

He pointed out that a team from the industry office of the Directorate went down the field to verify the authenticity of the communication, and after the inspection and verification it was found that the trader is dealing in illegal currency and selling 2 liter diesel on the black market for ten thousand riyals taking advantage of the citizens' need for this material.

Wahban said a report was written and the security agencies, which in turn received the money and took legal action against the merchant, were informed.

The deputy director of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce called on citizens to report any irregularities by traders aimed at manipulating and harming the national economy by trading these illegal currencies.


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