Arrival of ship loaded with 29 thousand, 363 tons of gasoline, diesel port of Hodeidah

February 10, 2020

SANAA, Feb. 9 (Saba) - The Yemeni oil company announced on Saturday the arrival of the ship 'Sea Ador' loaded with 29 thousand and 363 tons of gasoline and diesel to the submersible port of Hodeidah, after being detained for 22 days at sea by the aggression coalition.

The ship 'Sea Ador', loaded with quantities of 14 thousand, 135 tons of gasoline and 15 thousand and 228 tons of diesel, the company said in a statement received by Saba.

The ceo of the company Yasser Al-Wahedi directed the specialists of the Branch of Hodeidah to arrange for the ship to enter the appropriate pier and according to the priority and need if it conforms to the specifications, and take the necessary measures, the statement appointed.

The statement pointed out that the aggression coalition is still holding eight oil ships that were exposed to the sea. The first detention period reached more than 89 days, and the quantities seized on these vessels are approximately 187 thousand and 37 tons of gasoline, five thousand and 826 tons of kerosene as well as food, medicine and domestic gas ships.

The statement said that these ships are still being held by the Coalition of Aggression despite receiving permits from the United Nations, in order to further tighten the stranglehold on citizens and increase their suffering in light of the urgent need for oil derivatives.


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