National Vision's steering committee approves first plan allocations

March 5, 2020

SANAA, March 4 (Saba) - The Higher Government Committee for Steering the National Vision approved, in its meeting Wednesday chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, the financial allocations for implementing initiatives and projects of the vision's first phase plan and the allocation criteria.

The Committee emphasized the importance of reviewing the costs of the activities mentioned in the first stage plan according to the approved criteria, and distributing the allocations in the general budget to finance the plan activities according to the results of the audit, so as to achieve justice in the distribution of allocations.

In this regard, the Committee stressed the need to evaluate the implementation process quarterly at the various levels to enhance the chances of success and to avoid any shortcomings wherever they exist.

During the meeting, which attended by representatives of the private sector, the Committee listened to a presentation from Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs and the Committee's Deputy Head Mahmoud al-Junaid on the last draft of the first phase plan of the national vision and its revision and draft resolution on the allocation criteria.

Al-Junaid pointed out that the draft resolution stipulated giving priority in allocating operational expenditures to the resource-scarce bodies in line with the size of their activities in order to enable them to implement their activities mentioned in the plan.

The Committee also listened to a brief presentation on the national vision executive office arrangements for the second phase plan of the national vision “2021-2025” and the proposed mechanism.

The addition of Minister of Justice to the membership of the Committee was approved at the meeting.