Kleindienst’s Heart of Europe project in global spotlight

Publish March 7, 2020
real estate

Kleindienst Group, a leading European real estate company based in the UAE, said its flagship leisure destination - The Heart of Europe, located some 20 km off the coast of Dubai, is being showcased in a documentary by top European TV channel Euronews.

One of the biggest European real estate companies based in the UAE, Kleindienst said the unique seven-island project located on The World Island comprises some of the most innovative luxury holiday homes, 13 theme hotels and the Floating Seahorse villas.

The Heart of Europe, which once completed, will attract millions of international luxury holidaymakers to Dubai and help boost international leisure tourist traffic to the UAE, is the most innovative, economically and environmentally sustainable leisure project that has captured the attention of the Euronews production team, stated the Dubai developer.

The island project is being showcased in the Euronews documentary with striking footage and an interview of its Chairman Josef Kleindienst where he describes it as an innovative and sustainable leisure and hospitality destination.

The channel, which reaches 400 million homes across 160 countries, is being broadcast in 12 languages in the world including Arabic, Russian and Persian.

Shot both over-ground and under-water, the Euronews documentary unveils how Kleindienst Group is growing coral reefs in natural under-water environment to expand the marine eco-system to facilitate marine life that offers breath-taking views of the under-water environment.

Euronews is currently airing the documentary https://www.euronews.com/2020/02/28/dubai-s-heart-of-europe-luxury-resort-with-the-ultimate-wow-factor on its prime time as an example of how creativity and sustainability could work wonders in a destination tourism project that not only preserves underwater coral reefs and marine life but enhances the marine eco-system that will preserve and expand the existing marine life and coral reef eco-system, it stated.

Four kilometres from mainland Dubai - and just a short 20 minute boat ride away - visitors to Dubai come across something pretty special. The World Dubai is a collection of 300 man-made islands that form a map of the planet which is visible from space.

Within World Dubai, the Heart of Europe is set over seven islands. It's home to the world's first climate-controlled resort with more than 100,000 corals, marine life and centenary olive trees from Andalusia, a region in Spain, stated the documentary.

'We are delighted to announce that an in-depth documentary about The Heart of Europe will air on Euronews TV and online this week,' said an excited Josef Kleindienst, the group chairman.

'Dubai is a place where innovation happens and this is where we decided to create the most luxurious family leisure destination that is going to be second to none. The Heart of Europe is one such project that will become the most sought after destination for international tourists seeking fun, sun and water sports,' stated Kleindienst.

'The exclusive documentary highlights the very best of the Island resort living on offer and our approach to development, sustainability, landscaping, the use of renewable energy, the preservation of Marine life and the Coral Institute. This reflects the growing international media attention to The Heart of Europe – an out-ofthe-world leisure tourism destination, second to none,' he said.

Sustainability and the protection of marine life have been pivotal in the development of the Heart of Europe. The project is home to the Coral Institute which spearheads a pioneering coral reef programme that aims at developing marine life in the surrounding waters, noted Kleindienst.

Marine biologists are growing a new coral reef – a habitat for marine life native to the region, the documentary shows.

'The islands are home to the world’s biggest coral institute where they’re growing 100,000 new corals. Back on dry land, the lush flora and fauna help transform the islands into a plush paradise. Here, sustainability is a key to the landscape. The Heart of Europe - proof that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand,' he added.


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