Gov. official reveals international bargaining to halt payment of half of salary rejected by President al-Mashat

Publish July 28, 2020

SANAA, July 27 (Saba) - An official at the National Salvation Government revealed on Sunday that US-Saudi aggression coalition forces and the United Nations had submitted a proposal to the Supreme Political Council in recent days that included the release of tanker ships detained in exchange for stopping paying half the wages of the State's employees.

The official explained in a statement to Saba that during the past days the United Nations and the forces of aggression made an offer to the Supreme Political Council included the release of oil derivatives ships detained for several months in exchange for the suspension of the process of paying a half of the employees' salary before Eid al-Adha.

The official said that the offer was submitted to the president of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat, who in turn rejected the offer in full and in detail and confirmed the bias towards the employees and work to alleviate the employee's suffering due to the interruption of salaries, and directed the government to continue disbursing in accordance with the previous decree regarding the payment of half of the salary every two months and the disbursement of the Due of half of the salary before Eid al-Adha.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Finance began implementing the directives of the President and addressed the Central Bank in Sanaa to start to disburse the half salary for all state employees, civil, military, and retired, and using the combined balance in the salary initiative account in the bank’s branch in Hodeidah, which amounted to approximately 8.5 billion riyals to help to pay the half salary.

The official called on the United Nations to keep up with the exchange process or the spending process for the employees for the half salary so that it does not argue later and resort to falsifying the facts, as its envoy Martin Griffiths who had done recently in his interview with the United Nations News website.

The official confirmed the continuation of the Government of National Salvation as well as its keen to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, topped by the state officials.

The official pointed out that the salary initiative account is still open and the revenues from the Hodeidah ports are provided to Hodeidah's bank, confirming the government's willingness to pay the salary according to the 2014 statements if there is a serious with the United Nations and the other party in implementing their obligations under the Swedish agreement, or the other party take its hands out of the State's revenues represented by oil and gas revenues in the occupied ports and looted ports for more than five years, therefore the Salvation Government will then be obliged to pay full wages and not just half wages for all employees of the Republic of Yemen, as it happened before the transfer of the central bank into Aden.

At the end of the official statement, he called on all state institutions to accelerate the payment of half salary to its employees according to the directives of President al-Mashat, stressing that any party that would delay the disbursement before Blessed Eid Al-Adha strict measures be taken against him.


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