Youth Ministry Undersecretary confirms keenness to back, activate role of youth

August 16, 2020

(Saba) - The Undersecretary of the Youth Sector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Mohammed al-Sarami affirmed keenness to adopt a realistic vision to touch the concerns of youths and activate their role in building the nation within the framework of the national vision to build a modern Yemeni state.

'International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth.'

In a statement to Saba on the occasion of the celebration of the International Youth Day, which falls on August 12 of each year, al-Sarmi stated that the vision was based on building a conscious generation armed with values, aware of the size of the risks facing the country and its responsibilities towards society and the homeland, qualified to invest energies and capabilities talents and the continuation of the process of construction and development.

The Undersecretary of the Youth Sector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports pointed out that the Ministry of Youth and Sports seeks to implement targeted programs to take care of youths and help them achieve their ambitions despite the scarcity of capabilities, lack of resources, and the aggression's destruction of youth, sports, educational and development facilities that used to accommodate youth and invest their energies.

Al-Sarami pointed out that the world today celebrates the International Youth Day, which was approved by the United Nations in 1999, and the United Nations is still unable to present a real and realistic vision to invest the energies of young people and effectively involve them in sustainable development plans.

He stressed that the United Nations has worked to adopt intangible formal activities and programs such as the rest of its programs and activities in the field of childhood, education and health, which proved the reality of the failure of the United Nations and its bodies to achieve any tangible success.

The Undersecretary of the Youth Sector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports mentioned that the world celebrates this year, and the youth of Yemen, like other groups in society, have suffered from aggression, siege and destruction of all elements of life for more than five years, which has exacerbated the problems and increased the unemployment rate.

Al-Sarmi pointed out that the ministry has implemented a program of rehabilitation and training through the Project of Martyr al-Sammad for the development and empowerment of youths and launching of the first government youth platform, establishment of the National Observatory for youths and intensification of enrolment opportunities with rehabilitation and training programs, noting that various programmes for youth initiatives and economic empowerment programmes are being prepared in the provinces.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth pointed out that the ministry is determined to implement its youth programs and plans, considering youth as its means and purpose, praising the role of the resistant and steadfast of youth of Yemen in battlefields, work sites, construction and development fields.