Reasons the Largest Chinese Restaurant in the Netherlands Uses the Pudu Robotics Food Delivery Robot

Publish October 22, 2020
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Recently, the largest Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands uses the food delivery robot.

The Sea Palace, just like the windmills, the wooden shoes and the tulips, was once taken as the synonym of the Netherlands.

In October 1984, this 4-story giant and extravagant painted pleasure boat in the strong Chinese imperial style showed up in the picturesque Amsterdam River, shocking the Chinese society in Europe and the Netherlands.

As a top Chinese palace restaurant in Europe, the Sea Palace has a business area of 3,000 square meters and can accommodate 800 guests at most. Offering over 500 dishes of the Cantonese cuisine, it is known as the leading Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands.

As the pandemic gets under control, the Sea Place re-opened in June but faced grave challenges and rigorous policy requirements. According to the government policies, there should be a 1.5m distance among customers and no banquet with over 100 participants shall be held. The restaurant must be ran on a cautious basis, trying to increase the revenues while controlling the costs.

In face of the pandemic, revenue increase is much harder than cost reduction. As the largest Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands, the Sea Palace needs over 70 employees every year. Labor cost accounts for a large share in its total expenditure.

Under the pressure of the intermittent pandemic outbreak and the high labor cost, the owner of the restaurant decided to order several PuduBots, which will service the dining area on the second floor.

The owner of the Sea Palace made the decision based on three considerations: the labor cost in the Netherlands is high; the investment on PuduBots can be recovered within one year; and the owner is curious about the novel inventions.

PuduBot wins recognition not only from the restaurant owner, but from the customers, some of whom praised the PuduBot as the “perfect robot”!

As a landmark and tourist attraction in the capital city of the Netherlands, the Sea Palace is a milestone in the globalization journey of PuduBot. By now, the products launched by Pudu Robotics have made presence in over 2,000 restaurants of over 20 countries.

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