Minister of communications stresses need to build strategy for cybersecurity

Publish June 9, 2021

SANA'A, Jun. 08 (Saba) - Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Masfar Abdullah Al-Numeir, stressed the importance of paying attention to electronic security and the need to build national strategy for cybersecurity.

Al-Numeir said that the ministry went with the various concerned sectors to start steps to build national cybersecurity strategy.

He stressed that public awareness and integration of efforts between state institutions and the public and private sectors is the way to achieve executive steps to prevent digital and electronic risks.

Minister explained that the aggression and siege limit the development of services and technologies used in Yemen, but this does not mean postponing the stage of building cybersecurity.

Finally he indicated that ambition of the leadership is to make Yemen one of the producing countries in cyber and digital field, stressing that we possess the competencies required for this matter.


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