Russian inventor unveils sustainable urban lifestyle concepts at Wetex

Publish October 13, 2021
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Russian entrepreneur, engineer and contemporary inventor Denis Tiaglin unveiled his sustainable urban lifestyle concepts at the recent Wetex and Dubai Solar Show.

Having wowed the country’s leading thinkers, developers and decision makers with his templates to enhance the way we live, the first-ever full-scale versions of Weter and Gorod Les patents made their debut in Dubai at the expo.

Weter is a first-of-its-kind building that uses wind energy to produce electricity amounting to 200% of its own needs. Its prototype was a result of the inventor's dream to kickstart an era of carbon free energy.

Currently more than 80% of electricity generation comes from non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and gas and, according to the UN, by 2025 humanity will need twice as much, said the Russian inventor.

Wind energy is environmentally friendly, renewable and has potential for widespread use, as wind can be found across the globe.

Developing a more sustainable and urban friendly alternative to traditional wind turbines, Denis Tiaglin and his team created Weter, incorporating an alternative wind turbine design which is noiseless, generates power at lower wind speeds (4 m/s), with workability reliant on wind flow direction and with the ability to store gravity energy.

The very fact that wind energy can be harnessed in cities with little or no impact to residents has lead to widespread global interest.

A total of 17,117 people have signed up as co-owners since Weter went public and the Russian Military have shown interest to use this wind-efficient solution in the Arctic and awarded Tiaglin a diploma for his innovation.

Its other concept, Gorod Les is designed to exist in fast-paced cities alongside Weter wind generating buildings.

Gorod Les seamlessly streamlines the infrastructure of daily life into one advanced urban living concept. It offers a sustainable way to build communities and ultimately overcome the world’s energy crisis through optimising the placement of infrastructure facilities and their functioning, stated Tiaglin.

Divided into four layers set above the earth’s surface. Gorod Les incorporates a ground level natural landscape of parks, paths, lakes and green open spaces for outdoor play, exercise and relaxation; a passenger and logistics level encompassing all the daily needs of contemporary living including a mall, libraries, restaurants, gyms, sports stadiums and cinemas; a communication level; and a transport and logistics level.

It has been hailed as an innovative new template in city designing and building by the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

The Gorod Les model presents a new aesthetic image of a city and the advantages of compact placement of urban infrastructure. It will lead the way in determining new living trends.


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