President visits Zakat Authority, urges it to adopt projects & provide job opportunities for poor

Publish March 16, 2022
islamic finance

SANA'A, Mar. 15 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council on Tuesday paid a visit to the General Authority of Zakat.

During the visit, where he was received by Chairman of the Authority Shamsan Abu Nashtan, President was briefed on the progress of work in the authority, and the projects included in the authority's plan for the current year.

President al-Mashat urged the importance of correcting database of the poor and the needy who deserve to receive Zakat, stressing the collection must be in accordance with the correct mechanisms and methods.

He said: 'The strategic goal of Zakat Authority is to end the phenomena of unemployment and poverty and all projects and activities must be directed to achieving this goal.'

Al-Mashat stressed that economic empowerment is not limited to the issue of training and rehabilitation, but rather there must be an interest in finding job opportunities before training, pointing out that the best projects that should be studied and focused on are those that occupy the largest number of poor workforce.

He pointed out the US-Saudi aggression has exacerbate the humanitarian conditions of the Yemeni people, and caused all the misery and deprivation they live in, increasing huge destruction of the capabilities of the people and increasing poverty as well.

President al-Mashat pointed out the great and patient Yemeni people need great care and attention, and the concerned authorities, especially Zakat and Endowments bodies, must work to provide everything that would alleviate their suffering.

He said: 'My hope is that you will be at the level of responsibility, and this goal will be before our eyes, and we will strive to achieve it, and God Almighty will enable us.'

President al-Mashat directed the heads of the Zakat and Endowments bodies to launch the 'Mutakafelon' project for free transportation, which provides 75 buses and mass transit buses to transport citizens and alleviate their suffering as a result of the tightening of the American siege on the Yemeni people.


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