The Minister of Oil and Gas confirms that the closures of oil facilities have caused losses to the country estimated at $60 million per day

Publish April 27, 2022
oil and gas

Tripoli, April 26, 2022 (LANA) - Oil and Gas Minister 'Mohamed Aoun' said that the closures of oil facilities caused losses to the country estimated at 60 million dollars per day.

Aoun confirmed in press statements that the country’s oil production rate has decreased by about “600,000” crude barrels per day, and by calculating the price at an average of $100 per barrel, Libya is losing sales opportunities estimated at $60 million per day.

On the European energy crisis due to the Ukraine war, Aoun explained that the Libyan state cannot now contribute to the production of any additional quantity, whether crude oil or gas, and we do not have reserves to pump to the global market.

Aoun had issued a decision to form a committee to communicate with the parties that caused the closures at the oil sites, and to discuss and debate them in order to find quick solutions to reopen the oil again without any conditions.

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