President meets communications technology Minister

Publish June 6, 2022

SANA'A, Jun. 05 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat and President of the Supreme Political Council met on Sunday with Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Musfar al-Numair.

During the meeting, al-Mashat and al-Numair discussed the progress of work in the ministry and its affiliated institutions and bodies, the level of performance, and the difficulties facing the communications and information technology sector.

They reviewed the destruction of the infrastructure by the US-Saudi aggression, the continuation of the blockade and the prevention of importing spare parts to modernize and develop communications networks.

President al-Mashat praised the ministry's cadres in keeping pace with the requirements of networking and automation for government agencies.

Al-Mashat urged to intensify efforts and raise the level of achievement in accordance with its operational plans and programs in a way that contributes to promoting the country's comprehensive development.

He stressed the keenness to improve the performance of the telecommunications sector, upgrade Internet services, and keep pace with global developments in this field.

For his part, al-Numair reviewed the work and projects that have been implemented during the last period in the telecommunications sector, and the future directions of the sector under the directives of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council to take care of citizens.


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