Gas company warns citizens not to use gas cylinders do not conform to specifications

Publish July 5, 2022
oil and gas

SANA'A, July.04 (Saba) - Yemen Gas Company warned and called on citizens not to use gas cylinders that do not conform to specifications and standards in order to preserve their safety and lives. A statement issued by the company - a copy of which was received by Yemeni News Agency (Saba) - stated that it had previously been directed to all central gas stations after filling, guarding and not circulating cylinders, due to the danger these cylinders pose to citizens' lives and public and private properties. The statement stressed that buying gas from black-market and unloading gas from one cylinder to another in unsafe ways endangers citizens' lives and public and private properties. The company renewed its demand to the relevant authorities and security authorities not to allow the entry, seizure and confiscation of gas cylinders that do not conform to specifications and standards in interest of citizens' lives. Moreover, Yemen Gas Company clarified that it disclaims its legal responsibility in the event of any explosions, disasters or fires due to the purchase of gas from the black-market, the use of cylinders that do not conform to specifications, or the unloading of gas from one cylinder to another. The statement pointed out that the reports received by the Yemen Gas Company and the field visits of the company's employees to the local market to see the stability of the supply situation for liquefied petroleum gas indicate the spread of black-market phenomenon for gas sale and the circulation of new cylinders of unknown origin and not conforming to the specifications approved by the General Authority for Standardization and Metrology. He pointed out that reports also indicated that many black-market dealers had unloaded liquefied household gas from cylinders that conformed to specifications to cylinders that did not conform to specifications, and that was done in public places with unsafe tools and equipment.


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