Mercenaries loot 551.8 billion Y.R from oil, gas revenues during armistice

Publish August 4, 2022
oil and gas

SANA'A, Aug. 03 (Saba) - During the four months of the life of the armistice and its extension that took place between last Apr. 2 and Aug. 2, the aggression mercenaries looted from the revenues of crude oil and household gas equivalent to the salaries of state employees for seven months, which was sufficient to relieve the suffering of the people, which has been going on for nearly six years, since the first aggression to transfer the jobs of the Central Bank to Aden and cut salaries.

The total revenues of crude oil and domestic gas looted by the mercenaries in the past four months amounted to about 919.66 million dollars, equivalent to about 551.8 billion Y.R which would have covered the salaries of all employees of the state administrative apparatus for more than seven months, at 77 billion Y.R for each month.

While the volume of looted crude oil amounted to about 8.3 million barrels, with a total value of up to 801 million dollars, equivalent to 480.6 billion Y.R the volume of what the mercenary government sold of domestic gas reached about 232.5 thousand tons, which is equal to 20 million cylinders, which amounts to a total value to 71.2 billion Y.R.

Yemeni crude oil was subjected to a series of continuous looting by mercenaries. On April 10, the foreign ship “Politaris” arrived at Dabba port in Hadramout to loot 2.3 million barrels, with a total value of nearly $267 million, while the Indian ship SEAVELVET arrived on the 25th of the same month too Nashima port in Shabwa province to loot one million barrels, with a total value of 106 million dollars. On May 31, the foreign ship 'Apolitaris' arrived at al-Shaher port in Hadramout to loot more than 2.2 million barrels, with a total value of more than 270 million dollars.

The months of June and July from the time of the armistice, were also witnesses to the series of mercenaries looting, and behind them, the coalition of aggression, for Yemeni crude oil, on the 26th of last June, the ship “Golf Aetos” arrived at the Rudhum port in Shabwa to loot 400,000 barrels, with a total value of 44 million dollars, It was followed by three days later, on the 29th of the same month, the arrival of the Emirati ship lSABAELL to Nashima port in Shabwa to loot nearly one million barrels, worth 114 million dollars.

During the period (Apr. 2 - Aug. 2, 2022 ), the mercenary government sold 9,300 trailers distributed in 20 million cylinders, with a total of 232,500 tons, with a total value of 71.2 billion Yemeni riyals, with a monthly rate of up to 2325 trailers, in which five million cylinders are distributed from the company monthly, with a total value of 17.8 billion riyals, with a single cylinder price of 3576 riyals.


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