President: the oil and gas revenues looted by the mercenaries are sufficient to pay salaries

Publish August 10, 2022
oil and gas

SANA'A, Aug. 09 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, met on Tuesday with Shabwa governorate Undersecretary for Oil and Gas Affairs al-Hassan al-Harthi.

During the meeting, al-Mashat and al-Harethi reviewed the continuous looting of oil and gas by the mercenaries of the aggression was for the eighth year in a row.

President al-Mashat condemned what the mercenaries of the US-Saudi aggression are constantly plundering of the Yemeni people’s oil and gas wealth, and depositing its price in the Saudi National Bank, while the Yemeni people suffer from the lack of services and the interruption of salaries due to the brutal US-Saudi aggression and the unjust siege on Yemen.

He stressed that the oil and gas revenues looted by the mercenaries of the aggression are sufficient to disburse the salaries of all state employees, retirees' pensions, and achieve broad development at the national level.

Al-Mashat called on the United Nations and the international community to pressure the mercenaries of aggression to fulfill what was committed in the Stockholm Agreement, and to pay the deficit in the amount of the salaries of all state employees and the pensions of retirees.

He explained that the account that was opened in the Central Bank branch in Hodeida is still depositing the revenues of the port of Hodeida, including the revenues of the armistice ships, to contribute to the disbursement of salaries to all state employees in accordance with the unilateral initiative of the Supreme Political Council, while the other party did not commit to filling the gap for the payment of salaries.

Al-Mashat stressed that the payment of salaries and pensions is a natural entitlement for all employees and retirees.

President al-Mashat stressed that the Yemeni people will not remain silent about the continued looting of their wealth and capabilities, which are transformed into companies and real estate for mercenaries abroad, while the Yemeni people suffer greatly as a result of the US blockade and brutal aggression.


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